3 Healthy Dinner ideas! Meal Prep!

HEY Guys! for todays #howtobehappyjanuary online video I’m exhibiting you 3 simple nutritious dinner strategies and my edition of meal prep! I hope you like these recipes! These have been my go to recipes recently and I eat them for Days! Take pleasure in! Will not overlook to look at out Liv’s movie=)

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48 thoughts on “3 Healthy Dinner ideas! Meal Prep!

  1. I've made this veggie tomato soup several times since this video was posted and I'm obsessssed! Eating it right now 🙂

  2. This is great! I'm saving this video. Also, keep posting the boring parts because I don't normally make lasagna and needed to see the entire thing.

  3. Hei Nikki! Looks great as always when you cook! Just one tip: Don't use olive oil to cook, when you heat it up, it becomes slightly toxic! Coconut oil would be a lot better. Olive oil should only be used cold 😉

  4. Dude, your new kitchen and cookware is so nice!!! I’m like 😍😍😍😍 your new stove and pots and pans are so pretty! Haha. Rock on 🤘 I love your videos.

  5. I love the lasagna! I also have been limiting my cheese/ dairy intake because I am lactose intolerant. I have to take medicine every time I eat dairy! It’s so hard and sometimes I forget.

  6. Ahhhh i love this Nikki!! Totally trying that risotto YUM! I also heart seeing Zoë poke her little head in and out of the frame 😍😍😍 miss you lady!

  7. Love this!!! Please do more of your own recipes. Not all of us can afford hello fresh and it's nice to watch something I can make on my own. Love love love all your videos and content Nikki! And I hope Dan wins that contest he is in for sponsorship.

  8. How did you know I had a bag of Brussels sprouts in my fridge I needed to use? Lol! They look delectable! Also, I LOVE the Kite Hill cream cheese! I buy the Chive flavor….so good!!!

  9. So I totally made the Brussels sprouts with a fig balsamic dressing and stuffed it into a sweet potato and avocado. Thanks for your inspiration! Love your cooking videos! Also Kite Hill makes a really good ricotta cheese💕

  10. Thank you for doing this. These look relatively easy with only a few ingredients and step. Seems very doable.
    I really do NOT like to cook….My husband does so I let him. I thought once I did it with success a few times it would get easier. Nope. Even when my husband had an accident and couldn't cook and I had to it still didn't get easier….And I still hated it. i haven't been able to get over this. Any tips? What makes cooking enjoyable?

  11. You should try to eliminate the cheese! It’s really hard because of the addictive casomorphine in cheese but it’s so bad for you and you’ll feel so much better without it in your diet

  12. I love, love, love your food videos. Everything you made looks so delicious. The only thing I would skip is adding collagen to the lasagna. Thank you, Nikki!!

  13. You know how I love your cooking videos and I am drooling here.lol The marinated brussel sprouts is something I could devour daily. lol. I have to try these recipes stat.

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