6 Low Carbs Dinner Recipes for Weight Loss | Healthy High Protein , low carbs Veg Dinner Ideas

Tremendous Nutritious, Tasty & Wholesome, 6 Vegetarian Evening meal Recipes, which are small on carbs & Significantly higher on protein. These 6 recipes are all ideal for keto food plan. The recipes with tofu are apt for those people who are vegan. If you are on mission to keep healthier & Reduce Fat than you have arrive to the appropriate place. So Enjoy earning & taking in these basic, quick & Delectable Dinner Recipes .

Home made tofu recipes :- https://youtu.be/MULkzIhGVic
Additional supper recipes for pounds decline :- https://youtu.be/No8eI3Nvg30
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23 thoughts on “6 Low Carbs Dinner Recipes for Weight Loss | Healthy High Protein , low carbs Veg Dinner Ideas

  1. Amazingly super duper easy and the vegetables and everything is easily available and affordable except broccoli hehe , thank you so much ! I will definitely try them !

  2. Hello ma’am… just started watching ur videos, they are great, but can you please make some non-veg recipes? I am desperately trying to lose my impossible flab 😔

  3. Hi Dr Manju. All your videos are like a 'healthy life' guide book. I always refer your channel and even Aunty's channel for any health related query I have. The videos are so motivational, it makes me adapt to a healthier lifestyle or get back in track. Please continue making such videos. All your videos are amazing.
    Just one thing, if you could list the name of the recepies in the description box it'll be a ready reference and help when I'm searching for a specific recepies I am looking for after watching it before.
    Thank you! Best wishes always! 🌸🌺🌻🌹🌷🌼💐

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