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It truly is veganuary and I wanted to insert my straw to the stack by sharing some of Rob’s and my go to each individual working day meals. In this 3rd and remaining video clip of the series I’m sharing 5 dinners. The previous two episodes showcased 5 breakfasts and 5 lunches which you can discover connected above. It is really been a satisfaction creating this collection and I’m extremely grateful for all the positive feed-back you have shared with me – thank you! Take pleasure in the video and have a charming day!
Malin x

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49 thoughts on “A WEEK OF VEGAN DINNERS | Good Eatings

  1. Love the first recipe. I did make some flavor alterations to adjust to my tastebuds. Really appreciate your content. I was raised vegetarian and stayed so till 27. I have recently been giving a go at veganism. I eat meat sometimes as well cause i travel a lot but been trying to keep meat consumption very low. I guess trying still counts. Lots of love from Singapore.🥰

  2. I just want to say, that I've watched so many vegan videos, that I thought they just making the same stuff over and over but your meals are very interesting and I'm definitely gonna make them at home, thank you!

  3. I love her drive to eat healthy but I do feel that some of these recipes probably lack some major flavor. I might be wrong but great inspirations.

  4. i watch your beautiful videos when i am taking a bubble bath on my daily self-care break ☺️ it makes me feel happy, inspired, and hungry! ❤️

  5. Looks delicious. Any idea how much a serving like that costs? (Including oil / power used for oven etc.) Im trying to analyse how meat cooked dishes compare to vegan ones in price but also their impact on climate.

  6. This video is beautiful the food looks great, truly inspiring but I want to give you some constructive criticism, I notice (almost immediately) that you say "and then I…" a lot it makes for a very exhausting narration of what's happening. Try mixing it up with stuff like "first" "let's start" "moving on to" "second" "following" all better ways to move to the next steps. Believe me is nearly insignificant but it would make for a far more enjoyable experience. Again you are already doing great.

  7. so I just came upon this video in the summer time, and I personally don't go out of my way to make sweet potato. my mother loves sweet potato and I showed her this video, and she said she had all the ingredients to make this. she had made bean soup and we used the left overs and made the roasted sweet potato recipe. I usually like my sweet potato as like a desert and not part of a main dish… and when I tried the beans with the sweet potato and the guac oh my god it was so good. I'm not vegan but I enjoy a simple veggie plate. I'm on a diet so I'm looking for more healthy options. if any one one is interested in making the roasted sweet potato with guac, don't hesitate.

  8. If I become vegan one day, this is because of you 😀 Your channel is my absolute favourite and I hope you will publish a cookbook soon! Or start a Patreon so we can all support your work.

  9. If you let me, I'll give you a piece of advice to improve enourmously your videos. 1)Don't finish your sentences rising your intonation, they seem unfinished and it gives a confusing impression. If you end with a falling intonation, it will sound more complete and professional. 2)Get rid of the fillers. Expressions such as "and then" don't add anything relevant to the sentence and, when you repete them frequently, it may seem annoying. Congratulations for the video!

  10. WOW WOW WOW, i am defs going to try this i LOVE these recipes and you !!! And i especially love the fact that its a weeks worth of amazing recipes, keep it up!! Here you have a new subscriber😆. Ps you are amazing, and beautiful

  11. I stumbled across your channel a few days ago and I've really enjoyed watching your recipe videos. Can't wait to have a crack at Friday's red lentil dahl. Thank you!

  12. That's alot if work …wish i had time to eat like that everyday …really time is the hardest part of this diet? ….I simply dont have time to eat like this daily

  13. veganism has nearly killed me. it is a poison diet agenda. how can you LIE and say nutritional yeast TASTES GOOD…I tried ti…it is SO GROSS! you had to make confection out of it all because it is gross…a "cream" sauce..just have cream…raw cream would be best. you lie saying rape seed oil has omega 3 that is a LIE. your eating oxalates, goitrogens, and toxins. seeds are the "sperm' of the plant…they are not meant to be eaten.

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