Healthy Dinner Ideas For Hockey Players

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In this movie we go more than 3 distinctive nutritious supper tips for hockey players. If you like these food plan videos make sure you hit that thumbs up button and subscribe!

In this article are the 3 balanced dinners:

Evening meal #1 🍝
-6oz extra lean ground beef
-2 cups multigrain pasta
-Include tomato sauce
-Add 1-2 cups blended greens

Supper #2 🐟
-6oz wild salmon
-2 cups of rice
-2 cups of blended vegetables

Dinner #3 🍗🥔
-6oz lean meat
-1 cup quinoa
-6oz white potato
-1 tbsp. natural butter
-1 cup green greens

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8 thoughts on “Healthy Dinner Ideas For Hockey Players

  1. Since im Slovakian, we are used to a lot of cooking so most of the time my mom makes a lot of healthy soups (broccoli,vegetable, chicken) almost everyday for lunch. For breakfast 8 have eggs, scrambled or hard boiled. And for dinner we just have grilled chicken breasts. It is good if you put some salad on the side or any vegetable. Brown rice is also good. And for drinks I dink like 7 bottles of water a day

  2. Please continue to do this. I cant put a pricetag on how valuable this is for me as a hockeyplayer who is doing the university and want to start training hard again! Keep up the good work guys!

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