Mother Daughter Healthy Dinner

Diana and Brittany share a balanced meal in one particular of the very first foods movies on RoundTV.
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31 thoughts on “Mother Daughter Healthy Dinner

  1. @roundlady Sorry if my comment offended you. You deserve lots of respect for your achievments. However, having dinner with your daughter in front of a camera and then downloading it onto Youtube for everyone to enjoy….. one has to be 12 years old to get a kick out of it. But, whatever floats your boat, Roundlady….

  2. @lightwave66 Let's see, my daughter is a full-time student with a part-time job, and I have a full-time job, am completing my second book, all while writing a blog and maintaining a YouTube channel. We are both YouTube partners also, so for us it is another job. Please don't let anything you see on our channels make you think we have it cushy in any way…as a single mom and cancer survivor we both have been through a lot and maybe that is why we both love life so much!

  3. @AppLeJamBeatz I like to eat my calories rather than drink them. If you are a growing child then yes have some milk. I prefer to get my calcium via a little bit of cheese, and then plain yogurt. But, it really is what you do most of the time , not some of the time that matters most!

  4. I love watching family videos on YouTube. I know this isn't a family video exactly; sometimes I wish that my family was more close.

  5. YUM! Everything looked sooo good! I am not big on Salmon though..I grill that for my hubby – Alaskan Wild from Sam's club…his sister did send us fresh caught from Alaska once.

  6. thisis great for me:)i suffer from an eaing disorder and it hurts that its hard to eat out with mum. but with this i can now:) and we will do it tomorrow:) im so happy thanks!!you girls are beautiful xx

  7. hey eee
    does she have a youtbe channel
    like is she a beauty guru on here
    I swear she looks like one of the girls i suscribed to???

  8. this was so helpful and i do the same thing with the potatoes but i don't use red ones which i am going to do for now on.I looked at the blog and i cant wait to make the stuffed mushrooms for my mom and she loves mushrooms.

    thank you so much for the helpful videos.

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