Airfryer Ribeye Steak Dinner – Healthy Recipe Channel

Virtually just about every one particular loves a great steak and potato recipe. So I figured I would make it a minimal additional entertaining and make an air fryer steak and potatoes recipe for you fellas with oil much less fries. This is a truly terrific recipe for any one on the lookout for more healthy evening meal recipes with beef or seeking for a very good easy food prep recipe. If you guys have any balanced food strategies like this that you would like created, just permit me know any time in the comments underneath.

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25 thoughts on “Airfryer Ribeye Steak Dinner – Healthy Recipe Channel

  1. Wow, you have to watch THREE commercials just to start watching and there are an additional SEVEN! commercials in the video for a total of 10 commercials in a 10 min video. Healthy Recipe Channel — what a douchebag!

  2. making this tonight never done steak this way before always cast iron will be doing rib eye with taters i let you now how i make out lol wish i had camera

  3. I don't eat red meat but the thumbnail looked so good I had to watch! I definitely may have to invest in an air fryer. The quick salad and the potato wedges yummy. Thanks for sharing.

  4. came late today 😉
    but I'm here 😁
    juast last week i had me some chuck stake and mash potatoes and a cactus saled 👌👌💯…… this looks delicious awesome video buddy 👍👍👍

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