Cook Dinner With Me | Air Fried Salmon | Easy HEALTHY Dinner Ideas

Prepare dinner meal with me! This is an uncomplicated and wholesome meal notion. This excellent and JUICY AIR FRIED SALMON is so excellent and Easy and Healthful! The up coming time you are searching for some straightforward, healthful supper thoughts, don’t forget how to prepare dinner salmon in the air fryer! Air fried Salmon is the most effective! An quick salmon recipe!

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23 thoughts on “Cook Dinner With Me | Air Fried Salmon | Easy HEALTHY Dinner Ideas

  1. Now I wants salmon tomorrow for dinner and Brussel sprouts!! See this is why I love your videos! I don’t care what you do lol the food always banging and it gives me ideas of what to cook! 🐠 🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠 🐠

  2. Girl I cook everything in my air fryer too, I have a brussle spout recipe for you to try!! Prep them like you usual do add red pepper flakes put them in the oven let them cook until they are almost done then add bacon bits and cheese I did feta cheese but I'm sure any will be fine. Put them back in the oven so the cheese melts then wala Magic!!! Girl I ate them by themselves for 2days last week so goodπŸ˜‹

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