Menu Ideas for a Low-Calorie, Low-Fat Dinner Party : Healthy Meals

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Just because you’re throwing a dinner party will not suggest you have to provide food items that are superior in matters like calories and fats. Get menu thoughts for a delectable low calorie, low fat meal get together with support from an specialist in diet and overall health in this absolutely free video clip clip.

Qualified: Stella Metsovas
Filmmaker: Mariano Llosa

Sequence Description: A frequent misconception appears to be that healthier meals never always flavor superior, and vice versa. Get suggestions on how to cook and try to eat wholesome foods with support from an qualified in nourishment and well being in this free of charge video sequence.


3 thoughts on “Menu Ideas for a Low-Calorie, Low-Fat Dinner Party : Healthy Meals

  1. having the lasagna pan teeter tottering around was horrible annoying, plus the cuts look like it was done by a amateur middle school video editor.
    I feel like it was all done quickly/at the last minute.

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