Feeding the Masses / What I'm Serving My Houseguests (Lunches + Family Meal Plan)

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10 thoughts on “Feeding the Masses / What I'm Serving My Houseguests (Lunches + Family Meal Plan)

  1. Having been there before I know hosting family and providing healthy meals is WORK and fun! I am super impressed Melissa! I hope you get to take it easy soon. All your meals are great of course. I’ll have to try little baked apples too. Yummy! 🤗💪

  2. It looks great! I think you might need a vacation after the visit is over..I'm tired for you b/c I know how much work you have put into all this. You're doing a fantastic job!

  3. Your meals here are amazing! Everything looks wonderful, from the scrumptious brisket to the small baked apples. I envy your yummy green beans. Mine always turn out rubbery and bland. Now I know why my mother's generation cooked them for hours, until they turned brown. This video is a joy!

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