Chance to win $4,000 motorcycle to help pay cancer patient’s medical bills

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Siobhan and Will Bartlett / Photos courtesy of Megan Morgan

IDAHO FALLS—Want the chance to win a motorcycle while doing good? Join the motorcycle raffle, hosted by the Idaho Falls Plumbing Company.

Owner Megan Morgan originally started the raffle for the wife of one of their journeyman plumbers.

Siobhan Bartlett went to Madison Memorial Hospital last week complaining of back pain. Initially they told her she had pneumonia, but then the hospital found stage 4 lung cancer and stage 4 liver cancer.

As Siobhan’s condition worsened, she was life-flighted to Huntsman Cancer Institute in Salt Lake City, where they were able to stabilize her. Madison Memorial initially said she has only weeks to live, and it is still possible that her cancer is too advanced to cure, but her sister Tabitha Haney said they are fighting for remission for Siobhan, mostly by focusing on her nutrition.

Haney said Siobhan was released to return home Wednesday. The doctors are surprised at the progress she made in just a week.

Morgan started the raffle hoping it would make a dent in the Bartletts’ medical expenses. They are putting a motorcycle into the raffle. Firehouse Grill donated gift certificates, and someone donated a brand new Rutgers rifle. Another prize will be a night stay at a seaside hotel in Oregon.

“We’ve sold a lot of tickets,” Haney said. “The whole family really appreciates it.”

Tickets are $20, or 6 tickets for $100. “You can buy a $20 ticket and get a $4,000 motorcycle,” Morgan said.

If you want a ticket, visit Siobhan’s GoFundMe page. The Bee’s Knees, where Siobhan works, and the Idaho Falls Plumbing Company, where her husband works, will also contribute to the cause.

A winner will be chosen Oct. 31.

Disclaimer: does not assure that the money deposited to the account will be applied for the benefit of the persons named as beneficiaries.

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