EastEnders Lorraine Stanley reveals weight loss secrets

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As Karen Taylor in EastEnders, actress Lorraine Stanley can normally be witnessed with her hair piled on top of her head, with no a scrap of make-up on and rocking tracksuits a sizing way too little.

Nevertheless, when the forty three-yr-aged actress turned up to the Soap Awards, she was hardly recognisable, with Lorraine admitting she has shed a substantial 12lb in just 6 weeks!

Lorraine suggests her new determine is down to a diet regime and exercise regime she’s been pursuing, thanks to the aid of her pal and individual trainer, Louise Appel. The exercise program involves chopping out crisps, carbs and chocolate, and we consider she appears fantastic.

‘My mate Louise is my exercise expert. I’ve got her to thank for it,’ she explains. ‘She talks about diet. I’ve eaten a large amount of boiled eggs, fish, chicken, no carbs, no crisps and no chocolate. I’m taking pleasure in it and I really feel greater for it.’

Though she may have wowed on the red carpet, Lorraine insists she isn’t very so glamorous day to day, even confessing, ‘One of the tops [EastEnders] put me in as a costume the other day I’d just purchased for myself, worryingly!’

Talking of fans’ reactions to seeing her out of character, she provides, ‘Even just my hair down with a fringe throws people today.’

Even with feeling much more snug in herself off-display now, Lorraine has confessed that she doesn’t normally like how she appears when participating in Karen on EastEnders – even though she has a say in the clothes her character wears.

Lorraine Stanley weight loss

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‘I pushed for the bra straps on demonstrate and the incredibly limited-fitting things when I 1st joined,’ the actress suggests. ‘She’s a big girl who exhibits her curves. I go over mine, but Karen could not care much less.

‘I’ve hardly ever played glamorous roles on telly, so I’m utilized to seeing myself and wondering, “Oh my god, you glimpse terrible.”

‘Although sometimes if my fella is sat upcoming to me and he has EastEnders on I’ll say, “Don’t glimpse at me on display.”’

Laughing as she reveals that her on-display persona doesn’t modify the way her companion, Mark, appears at her, she finishes, ‘He understands I’m a kind in serious existence!’

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