Picturing himself in the future helped one man reach his 100-pound weight-loss goal

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By Stephanie Thurrott

Name: Dustin Worth

Age: 33

Residence: Port Charlotte, FL

Job: Senior technical advisor for Apple and freelance photographer

Family status: Married with four children, ages 10, 9, 7, and 3

Peak weight: 270 pounds

Current weight: 170 pounds

Height: 6 feet

Dustin Worth signed up for a health challenge at work on June 1, 2018. When he did, he visualized what fitness would look like for him — he pictured himself on a beach, in Florida, with his son on his shoulders. In his mind he’s lean, his back is strong, and he feels comfortable going shirtless.

But Worth had a long way to go before that vision became real. At the time, he weighed 270 pounds and felt so self-conscious about his size that he didn’t want to join a gym or run outside. Instead, he ran on a treadmill in the dark, musty basement of his 1960s-era house in Michigan.

Worth had struggled with his weight for his entire life. But when it started to affect his health, he knew it was time to make a change. “I had some pretty severe sleep apnea, and not being able to breathe while I was sleeping started taking me into a downward spiral in terms of health,” he says.

“I would spend some nights sleeping on the couch because I didn’t want to disturb my wife’s sleep. That’s a sad state to be in,” he says. Plus, the lack of sleep was sapping his energy and making him irritable.

His wife Annette’s fitness also inspired him to make a change. She had decided on New Year’s Day in 2018 to train for a marathon. “I would watch the kids and she would go out and run six miles, then 12, then 18.”

And Annette encouraged him. “Early on she told me, ‘If you commit to this lifestyle you won’t recognize yourself in the mirror in six months.’ That’s not really a long time. You think drastic changes take years and years, but you can see significant and encouraging changes in your body in a short time with the right amount of dedication,” he says.

Dustin Worth before and after his 100-pound weight loss.Courtesy Dustin Worth


By June, Worth was ready to step up his efforts. As part of his work challenge, he tracked his food intake and his fitness. He also told Annette he would join her in a triathlon and a 5K.

“I knew it was going to be ugly. The triathlon and the 5K were two things I didn’t think I could do. But I think one of the secrets is telling yourself you can do something you never thought you could do — breaking through that barrier,” he says. “You have to stop not believing, then do the work.”

Once Worth set those goals, which he called “audacious,” he broke them down into smaller, more manageable goals, like running a mile on a treadmill. Once he could run a mile, he tried to run that mile faster, and added a second mile.

“Throughout it all I was moving toward that vision,” he says, referring to the image of himself on the Florida beach. “I always had it in my head.”

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